So many factors have helped Al Dayaa Company to reach its high commercial position of today. The company aims all the time to realize the principles that she is build on from the whole beginning.

The consumer satisfaction is our main concern, for that we offer to people our products in order to satisfy their needs in the easiest way. Whereas the consumer can get Al Dayaa products from the local market, also we can export the products to him to any country in the world. This can be done through some specific procedures that should be taken.

Our products can be labeled with Al Dayaa brand or it can be labeled with any private name that the costumer proposes. Furthermore, the costumer has the right to select any color, shape, language… he prefers for his own label.

Quality Control

One of the most company's important obligation and interest is the quality control, where the products are often tested in the laboratories. Every product is known with its own nutrition fact. Besides, we always take into consideration the degree of temperature under which every product will be prepared.

Some products are more exposed to expiration and degeneration due to aging or bad stocking. Therefore, Al Dayaa sterilizes the manufactured products before and after the packing process, which may enhance their preservation in the packs, moreover preserve the highest quality of the products.


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